Quick overview of your currency exchange portfolio(s).

€ryptfolio, an easy to use tracking tool for all your crypto coin investments.

If you trade on multiple platforms, you can keep a close eye on all of them at one place. Just create portfolios for each of them and get a quick overview of all your investments.

At the moment, my tool is using data provided by Uphold.com and CryptoCompare.com. Because of this, I am able to track a lot of crypto currencies, but at the moment, they are still limited to only a handful. If you need a certain coin to be added to the site, just let me know, and I will add it.

Exchange Rates

On this page, you get a quick overview of all the currencies I track through Uphold.com and CryptoCompare.com. The default setting is to track the currencies by how much 1 unit costs in Euros. If you created an account on the website and also created a €ryptfolio account, you can change the default currency by clicking on 'Settings' under 'Account'.

To limit the traffic to both API-servers, new data will only be downloaded when the stored data is older than 15 minutes. (The data is provided for free, so I want to limit the load on their servers by reducing the connections my site makes with them.)


In this part of the website, you will be able to create the portfolio(s) you have on exchange sites. Keep in mind, you can only track those currencies supported by Uphold.com and CryptoCompare.com.

If you need a certain coin, ask, and I will add it to my system, as long as one of these two provide information about it, of course.

In the portfolio part of the website, new exchange rates will be download when the information in my database is older than 4 minutes. (Page reloads automatically every 5 minutes.)


Here, you can set up a portfolio and perform fictional transactions. Everyone will start with 10000 euros, which can be used to purchase other currencies with. Of course, all transactions will be fictional, but it will work with real-world data. (The game is based on how the Uphold.com website works. This includes fees for most of the transactions between currencies.)

Of course, there will also be a ranking page where you can see who is making the most 'fake'-money, just to make it a little competitive.